help your patients
to get insights about their therapy
and establish device usage habbit
Patient opens the website or installs the app and follows the instructions to log in
Patient should have a therapy device connected to prisma CLOUD
All relevant therapy information is provided to the patient
Where does the information come from?
The modem for prisma CLOUD links a prisma therapy device to the Cloud. Twice a day for a short time the device establishes a wireless connection to synchronize the latest information automatically. The connection takes place only when the modem is attached and the device is connected to electric power. During treatment the device always operates in Airplane Mode. Transmission is limited to technical data such as the serial number of the device and information about the therapy itself, which helps you to ensure safe and effective care during treatment. No personal data are captured or transmitted.
Is the data safe and secure?
Data protection and security, especially for medical information, are very important. That's why we have developed a protection concept that gives patient privacy top priority and prevents unauthorized access. Access to the stored data is always limited to the doctor and patient. Neither providers nor we as the manufacturer have access to data in the Cloud. Of course prisma CLOUD, which is a medical technology product with a CE sign, conforms to the requirements of the EU GDPR – just as you would expect from a trustworthy manufacturer.
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